Travel Tour Expo 2013

Fun and excitement…the emotions I felt while walking around SMX Convention Center at MOA, to attend the Travel Tour Expo 2013. It was a sight to see with so many people lining up booking their flights for domestic and international travel destinations. I thought people are hard up these days? How come there are long lines especially at Philippine Airlines?

Traveling these days is not anymore considered an expense, but rather an enriching experience. Whether it be local or abroad, it’s a great way to learn our and other countries’ cultures, relieves stress (considering of course that one’s flight and accommodations went on smoothly), have fun, and post great and picturesque photos on one’s Facebook account. I’m sure a lot are familiar with the saying “Work Hard! Play Hard!”, and a lot are agreeing considering the pressures we go through in our daily grind.

It has become easier and convenient (and cheaper) to travel. Thanks to technology, we have direct access to flight bookings and hotel reservations via the Internet. We can already create our itinerary and check out places prior to landing. We have become more adventurous!

Very adventurous indeed specifically with our spending. I just hope these travel expenses are all calculated. It should not go beyond our means, and won’t cause a heart attack when we receive our credit card bills. We just need to be wise because we also have to set aside funds for our retirement to make it also an enriching experience.


Me Time


Sitting inside the coffee shop, staring at the world outside.

Time passes slowly while I sit here and do nothing.

It feels so good to have a me moment with no worries,

noisy household, phone ringing or someone buzzing.

No one can find me and I’m alone for a moment.

I miss this and loving every second of it.