Brooding Poem


Rain during summer.
Thunderstorm in a clear sky.
Turmoil inside, sunny outside.
Is there a rainbow?


Overnight at Thunderbird Resort


It started out as a rainy day outing. There was an unexpected storm in the country, although far from our destination, it couldn’t be helped that we were affected. There was not much to do, swimming was supposed to be the main activity. Now, all activities should be inside the hotel or the hotel room. I thought it’s going to remain gloomy for the rest of the trip. Perhaps the name of the resort, which is Thunderbird Resort, ‘thunder’ perfectly wraps up the first day experience.

Still, the fun time should not be ruined by a simple storm. It was the perfect time to relax, chit-chat, and play some indoor games. A massage and spa were the priority. For some, going to the casino was an experience too especially for first-timers. Just hold on to your money because once you get started, it might be hard to stop. Your funds are already dwindling and don’t even notice it. It’s a good place though to get “free” drinks or food (no need to pay and unlimited, as long as you are playing). One thing you’re also getting for free will be the cigarette smoke smell. That’s the casino perfume ūüôā

The following day was much better. Since the storm had passed, the sun was already out and very inviting. We were able to go to the driving range, and hit some balls (no pun intended). Observed some weekend golfers from a distance. And walked around, took pictures, inhaled the fresh air for the much needed oxygen refill.

Finally, it’s time to swim. Tried out their kiddie pool (hahaha!). It was good enough, the kids won’t drown. It was also safe since there was a lifeguard in the area. My only complaint was the water was too cold. It would have been much better if it was a heated pool. The kids would love it too. I tried the adult pool next. Same complaint on the water temperature and it was deep. Lastly, the jacuzzi… Now, this is the life! So soothing and relaxing! Hypnotized by the view, it was so easy to fall asleep.

Overall, our stay was good though I would suggest that the minimum stay should be 3 days and 2 nights for complete relaxation, especially if you went drinking and had a hangover on the first night. It’s also good for a 1 day trip since it’s not far from the city. It’s a perfect destination specially for golfers and families.