McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop

This summer, McDonald’s is offering a two-hour, week-long kiddie workshop for kids ages 5 to 12. It’s a work-filled/fun-filled activity to acquaint kids behind the counter of one of the biggest fastfood chains in the world. They get to greet the customers like ushers/usherettes, walk around the food preparation area, and observe at the counter. It’s a different experience for the kids since they are in the loop of the working community, and will have even a faint idea of “Work”.

Day 1:
– greeting the customers (Hi! Welcome to McDonald’s/Thank you for coming! See us again!)
– kitchen tour
– behind the counter (got to serve the customers like getting ketchup, tissues, soda, etc.)
– able to observe the cashiers-at-work
– learning the McDonald’s kids song

Day 2:
– back to behind the counter
– art time (apron painting)

Day 3:
– greeting the customers
– serving behind the counter
– burger making activity
– circle time to sing the McDonald’s kids song
– practicing the McDonald’s dance craze

Day 4:
– practice the dance craze
– greetings and behind the counter

Day 5:
– graduation day


It’s a simple yet fun summer activity the kids will surely enjoy. But the most important thing is they learn to deal with people and other kids from all walks of life which will hone their confidence and people skills. These will help them be better adults when they grow up.


Pepsi Blue

I know this product has been out in the market for quite some time but it’s my first time trying it. What attracted me was the color which is unusual for a soda. It’s very simple yet looks kind of refreshing. I hope it tastes refreshing too since it’s scorching hot these days.