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Exploring Bulacan: Kabisera

In every travel, food is part of the itinerary. How can one get to experience a town, a province or a country if one will not try their local cuisine? Live like the locals, that has always been my motto.

Of course there are instances wherein you are not in the mood to try out anything extraordinary and during those times, eat what you feel like eating. Just enjoy and dine to your heart’s content. Stare at the delectable dishes until it woos your appetite.



After a couple of attempts to locate this place, we finally succeeded. Being a visitor in this area, we were not familiar with the streets and locations of certain landmarks so asking the locals was the best option. Occasionally, wrong directions will be given out and in these cases, I opt to follow my gut feel and sense of direction. If there are no other options, I let WAZE come to the rescue =)

Anyway, Kabisera is located inside Alido Heights Subdivision. It was an old house that was converted into a restaurant. It has a rustic feel when you step inside due to its interiors, exhibiting feelings of nostalgia. Lots of trees surround the place, making it cooler even in the peak of summer.


They serve our favorite traditional Filipino food so we ordered sisig, inihaw na pusit and inihaw na liempo. I love the taste of the sisig. It has its own twist and I’ll say it was one of the best I’ve tasted. As for the inihaw na pusit and inihaw na liempo, they also taste good though personally, I prefer soy sauce, chili and vinegar with my inihaw rather than barbeque sauce. Nevertheless, each restaurant has its unique flavor and this sets them apart from the others. I would love to try their other dishes but alas, my stomach cannot accomodate another bite. Definitely, I will be back especially one of the servers mentioned that the place is even more enticing at night.

Kabisera is an ideal dining experience that satisfies not only one’s palate but also the senses. It has succeeded in offering good food with aesthetic interiors combined with relaxing music. It seems that time slows down in this place. I don’t mind at all. It’s great to be away from the bustling life of the city.

Address:    139 Dahlia St., Alido Heights Subdivision, Malolos, Bulacan