A Day in Pampanga: Apag Marangle

It was a clear summer day in the flowery month of May. My family and I decided to go on a joy ride since the weather was so clear and nice. We had been cooped up at home and felt so claustrophobic so spending the day someplace was a very tempting idea. We hopped on to our car and drove off to nowhere in particular. Just followed the road.

We decided to turn right at San Fernando, Pampanga exit from NLEX (North Luzon Expressway) due to a sudden craving of Kapampangan dishes.  There was this one particular restaurant we had been hunting for quite a while. Fortunately the gods were on our side this time since we finally found it.

Apag Marangle


Apag Marangle (‘Hain sa Bukid’ or Dining in the Farm) has three branches in Pampanga and one in Makati City. The branch that we visited was located along Olongapo-Gapan Road, Bacolor, Pampanga, their main branch. It was established in 2008 and became a go-to place. Their concept was to offer authentic Kapampangan dishes in a farm setting.

The restaurant was supposed to be situated on top of a fishpond, but since it’s summer season and we are experiencing an El Nino these days, the pond had dried up. No worries, the pond will fill up again once the rainy season comes.


For an appetizer, we were served with boiled peanuts and boiled sweet potato. I haven’t had sweet potato for a long time and I requested for a second serving which they willingly obliged.


To quench our parching throats….buko-pandan juice served partially frozen.


Relyenong Batute (Stuffed Frog) is an exotic and popular food the Kapampangans are known for so definitely it’s part of Apag’s menu. I was informed though that it is not available all the time, depends on the season. Fortunately, they had it so I was able to try eating a frog. Sounds horrendous, looks kinda normal, but tasted surprisingly good! It tasted like chicken.  I suggest you try it for yourself.


Pepalukluk Manuk (‘Pinaupong Manok sa Asin’ or Dry Steamed Chicken over a Bed of Salt) was also a must-try. The texture was soft and tasted best with spicy vinegar and soy sauce.

Here are other photos of the place:


Apag Marangle is a highly recommended place if you want to get a taste of authentic Kapampangan cuisine and a feel of the Filipino dining experience. I am sure you will enjoy their exotic yet edible dishes. Never fear for the not so adventurous palate, there are choices for you as well.

Main Branch Address:  

Olongapo-Gapan Road
Sta. Barbara, Bacolor, Pampanga

Other Branches:

  1.  Apag Marangle Marquee Mall
    Level 1, Marquee Park, Marquee Mall, Angeles City, Pampanga
  2. Park Square Ayala Center
    Space 16 & 17, Park Square, Ayala Center, San Lorenzo, Makati City
  3. Petron Lakeshore Branch
    Petron Gasoline Station
    North Luzon Expressway (Northbound), Lakeshore, San Fernando







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