Little Owl Cafe in New Manila: A Candid Review

I’m sure there are already a lot of food bloggers who visited and gave rave reviews.  I don’t blame them, there is definitely something to look forward to when dining or simply chillin’ in this cafe.  It could be the food, the coffee, or perhaps the homey feel that will entice customers to frequent the place.

What attracted me at first was the name and logo.  I like its simplicity, the name can be recalled easily, and I used to be a nocturnal person (actually, I still am 😄).  Of course, it never crossed my mind that it was a pet cafe, though I was curious why it was called Little Owl.  Unfortunately, I was not able to find out.  Anyway, the name and logo’s appeal were more on a personal level since I have this habit of analyzing restaurant names and logos.

I frequently pass by Broadway Avenue when I have places to go to in Makati, Ortigas, or Greenhills. It beats the horrendous EDSA traffic plus there are surprising pleasant discoveries like in the case of Little Owl.

The cafe is situated almost at the corner of E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue and Broadway Avenue.  I say ‘almost‘ because it is just walking distance from the corner street.  So if you are tired of driving and wants to commute, then it’s not a big issue.  The cafe is very accessible to people who take public transportation.  However, if you plan to drive, they have a parking area that can accommodate six cars (tandem parking).

Entering the cafe, you will definitely have a homey feel.  It is one of those old houses that have been converted into restaurants or cafes, and was given a modern look.  I like the high ceiling, the simple and clean look, and minimalist approach to table and dining set-up.  It was not overcrowded with tables and chairs which indicate that the owners are not all for profit.  Somehow, the people behind this cafe is thinking of their customers’ interests.

They also have a mezzanine area where private functions can be held.  It can comfortably accommodate around 20 to 25 people.  For people who like to smoke, there is an area for you too.

We tried one of their healthy juices.  It is called Orange, Carrots & Ginger (Php180).   At first glance, it looks like an orange juice so it might appeal to kids.  This may cause them to take a sip, so there’s a chance they might like it 😄.  As the name suggests, it is a mixture of carrot, orange and ginger so please don’t expect a different flavor.  It has a curiously unique taste and I like it.  It looks healthy and it tastes healthy.



Next is the Thick Cut Bacon Steak.  It is really good!  One of the best I’ve tasted.  The meat is really soft and tasty, reminded me of Christmas Ham.  It costs Php370.00, but I do not mind paying that much since it tastes so good.



I will fight for the next selection.  Definitely, it is to die for!   It has a very soft texture that literally melts in your mouth, and the taste….oh my!  Heavenly!  It is a bit expensive at Php370.00 but totally worth it.  It doesn’t come with rice so you need to order it separately.  What it’s called?  Bourbon Glazed Pork Belly served with pumpkin puree and corn kernels.



The next selection is Aglio E Olio with butter garlic prawns (Php295).   Honestly speaking, I’m not impressed.  It is not much different from the other Aglios I tasted from other restaurants.  That would have been fine but there was a slightly unpleasant fishy smell coming from the prawns.  I’m not sure if it was due to the cooking method or perhaps the prawns were not that fresh.  Nevertheless, I kept that off my plate and informed the servers about the prawns.  The chef should be made aware of it.



Coffee…..I just love their coffee and I know why.  They partnered  with Toby’s Estate of which I am a big fan.  I ordered Long Black (Hot – Php120; Cold – Php130) and was not disappointed.  If people will not go for the food, they will go for the coffee 😄.



Overall, I am delighted to have dined at Little Owl.  I am glad about the food, the ambience, and the service.  It is a place where you can invite your friends and family, throw a party or just lounge lazily.

Have you already dined at Little Owl?  Please feel free to write your feedbacks or comment.

Address:  65 Broadway Ave., New Manila, Quezon City

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Saturday       11:00am to 11:00pm

Sunday                               9:00am to 9:00pm




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