Future Park, the playground of the future

Sunday is synonymous to family day. Expect it from a Filipino family to always get together on Sundays…going to church, trying out a new restaurant in town, checking out what’s new. No matter how drunk or tired you are from a Saturday night partying, the family will expect you to show up and mingle with the clan.

As expected, I am with my family on this day. We went to Century Mall in Makati City to try out a playground for kids. It is called Future Park.


Future Park is a digital interactive playground, made specially for kids (and kids at heart). The games are designed to promote interaction, motivate kids for physical activity, and stimulate their curiosity. Kids are given the chance to participate in a one-of-a-kind play experience that is powered by technology. These interactive games were adapted from different parts of the world so definitely it is a must-try.

Near the entrance is a Virtual Wall. Parts of the wall illuminates every time you touch it.


Head Rush

You need to wear 3D glasses and race against an opponent while dodging different obstacles along the way. This game will require you to move.



Sketch City 

There are 10 patterns kids can choose from (building, jeepney, airplane, sailing boat, cars). They need to color and design it in any way they want. Once they are done, the picture is scanned and their work is displayed on the huge screen, moving from left to right and vice versa, becoming part of Sketch City.


Body Paint

Kids paint on the wall canvas by moving any part of their body. They can jump, move their arms around, walk from one end of the screen to another to create abstract art.


Gravity Balls

Colored balls in different sizes fall from above. Once they fall, the child’s silhouette on the wall can catch, scoop, throw or even kick the virtual balls in any direction.


Room Racers

Four kids can play at the same time. They can put any object on any part of the screen to serve as obstacles, then the cars can race around and fire at the opponent. The car with the most number of points wins.


Augmented Reality Sandbox

Sand playing with a twist. You can create a map with this. The blue colors on the picture depicts moving water and the other colors are mountains, hills, trees, etc.



Virtual Reality

My personal favorite. Fortunately, I was able to try this. Put on the VR glasses and try the Google Tilt Brush. It allows you to paint in three dimensions. You can choose from any environment like the night sky and outer space; and use any material like fire, or stars. The rest….use your imagination.


Future Park is a pop-up store, and will end on May 31, 2016. They will temporarily close shop until they find a bigger location. Try it while you still have the chance.


Location:     4th Level, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City

Fees:            Php350 on weekdays / Php550 on weekends and holidays

Hours of play:     Unlimited

Reminder:   Wear socks (socks are also sold for Php30)





Exploring Bulacan: Hagonoy and Paombong

Bulacan is a province in the Philippines located north of Metro Manila. It is known for its rich historical heritage, old houses and churches, festivals, various themed swimming resorts, crafts, food and delicacies. I live near the boundary of the province yet, I never truly explored this part of the country. I guess I took it for granted due to its accessibility. Nevertheless the time has come for me to explore and delve more into its history.

St. Anne Parish Church – Hagonoy, Bulacan

church 1

church 2

We (my sibling and I) were actually looking for the Hagonoy Market to buy fresh seafoods, accidentally stopped by this church to ask for directions from one of the friendly locals. We got our route correctly but was informed that we were already too late. The market has closed for the day since the day’s catch were already sold out. Too bad for our seafood craving but thankfully, we had this church to explore. Our craving has to wait for another day.


The church was undergoing a makeover…walls and ceiling were being painted. It may take a week to finish, given the size of the church, just in time for the regular Sunday mass. Perfect time too while the weather is still hot, even though there were occurences of rainshowers every now and then.

History:  St. Anne Parish Church (known as National Shrine and Parish of St. Anne;  Santa Ana Shrine or simply Hagonoy Church) is an 18th-century, Baroque church. It was declared a National Shrine in 1991.

St. James Parish Church – Paombong, Bulacan


We passed by a lot churches on the way to Hagonoy but this church was not to be ignored. What attracted me to it was its size and antiquity. Unfortunately, I was not able to explore this church but I will definitely come back.

History:  The town church of Paombong originally built in 1580, was established as a parish in 1639. It was made of light materials and a massive fire caused it to lose its ancient architecture. It was reconstructed in 1970s and reconstructed again in 2003.

Sukang Paombong (Paombong Vinegar)


Since we were already in the town of Paombong, Bulacan, we had to bring home something that it is famous for….the Sukang Paombong. What is a sukang paombong? Suka is a Filipino term for vinegar and Paombong is a place in Bulacan where the manufacturing of the vinegar takes place.  This vinegar is cloudy-white in color but turns darker and tastes stronger as it ages. It has an appetizing smell especially if it is newly fermented. This is being used as a sour component in cooking, or as a dipping sauce for grilled food and fried fish.

History:  Paombong is dubbed as the Vinegar Capital of the Philippines. Local legend has it that the name “Paombong” was taken from the long bamboo tube called “bumbong” or “tukil” which is used for collecting nipa sap. The practice of extracting nipa sap with bumbongs made the town known as the town with many bumbongs. (Reference: Paombong, Bulacan Explained)

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